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Tony Patti 


New Bern, North Carolina


After college I went into commercial construction for a number of years. It didn't take long for me to realize if I was going to work hard for someone, it might as well be me. And if I was ever going to get paid what I felt I was worth, I would have to do it with my own business. That decision changed my life. I started a remodeling business and eventually became a custom home builder. I was in that industry for 25 years and made a significant income but it was hard work, a lot of hours and always a feast or famine type of business. My goal was to make enough money to live the lifestyle I wanted for me and my family. Since the construction industry was always up and down it made sense to me to have a second income source, a Plan B as they say. This led to a number of other business ventures, all of which took even more of my time. An important piece of the puzzle was missing from my plan, that being the time freedom to enjoy the money I was making. I wanted both time freedom and financial freedom. In the construction business I realized there was no leverage. Each time I completed a job, I was unemployed again. If I stopped, so did my income. I knew there had to be a better way. This time, after years of experience in traditional business, I wanted to eliminate all the headaches that came along with it. I wanted a business with no employees, low flexible hours, low overhead, not limited to a certain geographical area and no limit to my income. I wanted to create a passive income that came in even when I wasn't working. It was a tall order, but I knew it was possible. And it was! It was all about finding a way to leverage my time and efforts with other people without creating competition for myself. I learned from one of my mentors if I could find a way to help other people get what they want, I would automatically get what I want. I also learned from another mentor that to create a system of your own takes a lot of time and money. So, I would be better off finding a system that was already time tested and proven and become a master at that. That was great advice from both mentors.  I found that system and am now reaping the benefits of both worlds and enjoy teaching others to do the same!

Delores Lentz


Richmond, Virginia


I always had hoped that I could find a way to work for myself....Tried some MLM's but that surely wasn't it.... "Make Little Money" from the acronym MLM applies. I also tried a conventional store front business that proved also "not" to be the answer. I had just bought a full time job that I didn't even like! What I was really looking for was a time tested proven system that would eventually generate a passive income. I knew at some point I would want to relax and not work as hard without losing my income. As fate has it, and because I was seriously looking, I was in the Right place at the Right time; the system I was looking for showed up. I had never seen anything like it before but it had all the ingredients I wanted. I knew this was going to work and was the right business for me! The world has changed and the way business is being done has changed with it. Being in business for myself was always the right decision, but the secret is to align yourself with a company that has a vision and is willing to lead the way into the next evolution of business and revolutionize the way all business will be done in the future. And when you find it, take action!!!


Tara Taffe


Norfolk, Virginia


I am just an I.T. girl in the world working towards time and financial freedom everyday!  I was so very Blessed to have a good friend    introduce me to this opportunity of owning my own business!  I never really saw myself at owning my own business, but I am looking forward to the future and all that owning your own business and taking charge of your financial future entails.  I love being an I.T. person, but am glad to have found a way to grow an ongoing residual income to supplement me when I retire.  I look forward to helping others take a leap of Faith as I did and become their own boss and create their OWN economy! 

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