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On the road to becoming an entrepreneur

Your Why is the motivating factor and becomes the driving force for your success. That Why is different for everyone and may be one thing or a combination of things that push you forward. Whether it is the need to create a better lifestyle for you and your family, true financial freedom, a personal accomplishment, missionary work, a dream home on the water or even a college fund for your kids so they don't have to start their life after college in debt. And there is something inside you telling you it's not going to happen with your J.O.B. But we hesitate to pull the trigger sometimes. FEAR prevents us from taking that first step towards achieving our goals. We let others convince us that being in business for ourselves is risky. We are taught to go to school, then college then get a good job. So we conform and end up watching someone else live the life that was meant for you. But a successful Entrepreneur thinks different. They believe that the real Risk is not taking a Risk. And that mindset is growing fast. Statistics show a Home Based Business is started every 12 seconds in USA. Forbes says 79 million people will start a Home Based Business within the next five years. The testimonials below are from people who were where you may be right now. The only difference is that they took that leap of faith and went after their dream. And they are now ready to help you take yours. Listen to what they have to say!!!

Blane Wells


Glen Allen, Virginia


Making the decision to start my own business has completely changed my life. But the journey along the way wasn't without challenges. As a freelance artist, I found myself in the month-to -month, pay as I earn status. In the process of selling my own art, it took it's toll on my health along with a nerve-wracking position of being totally dependent on a set number of sales to pay my bills. I realized I needed to find a way to supplement my income and eventually replace the income from my art business. I tried a number of work from home businesses because they provided me with flexible hours which I liked but what I didn't like was the demands for quota, time and training, rejection percentage, required inventory and the limited services or products that limit the opportunity for growth. Because I am a entrepreneur at heart, I still wanted to be my own boss but I needed to find something that had a proven system that offered more diversification of products and services with unlimited income potential that would not only allow me to grow as a person and business owner but help others as well. It was a tall order but because I kept looking I found the right opportunity that gave me everything I wanted while eliminating all the things I didn't want. When you have that how can you go wrong. For me, it was my dream business!

Delores Lentz


Richmond, Virginia


I always had hoped that I could find a way to work for myself....Tried some MLM's but that surely wasn't it.... "Make Little Money" from the acronym MLM applies. I also tried a conventional store front business that proved also "not" to be the answer. I had just bought a full time job that I didn't even like! What I was really looking for was a time tested proven system that would eventually generate a passive income. I knew at some point I would want to relax and not work as hard without losing my income. As fate has it, and because I was seriously looking, I was in the Right place at the Right time; the system I was looking for showed up. I had never seen anything like it before but it had all the ingredients I wanted. I knew this was going to work and was the right business for me! The world has changed and the way business is being done has changed with it. Being in business for myself was always the right decision, but the secret is to align yourself with a company that has a vision and is willing to lead the way into the next evolution of business and revolutionize the way all business will be done in the future. And when you find it, take action!!!

Ron Catron




For more almost 20 years I worked in different industries holding different sales positions. I was very successful in all of them including being the top sales person multiple years in a row. I was making good money and I was very happy. Unfortunately for me there was something I had no control over while I was working. And that was my destiny. I thought because I was doing a good job that I would be rewarded. Instead, I found myself on multiple occasions having my pay cut, my territory reduced in size and my duties increased. Why was this happening? I couldn’t understand it. I produced and produced and produced more yet I was being penalized. I come to find out that the company just wasn’t doing as well overall so cuts had to be made regardless of how well you performed. It then hit me that this is just how corporate America worked. You could do the greatest job in the world yet still be penalized. This led to me having sleepless nights and just genuinely being miserable.

I began looking for other jobs and that’s when I was introduced to a company where I never had to worry about that again. A company where I could be in control. A company that would allow me to generate an asset that paid me whether I was working or not. And a company that had successfully created a system where ordinary individuals could leverage the internet and be paid whatever he/she felt like they were worth. Now I live a happy, stress free work life where I never have to wake up wondering whether I had a job and where the money was coming from. I am in complete control and my income can literally be whatever I want it to be.


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